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16.06.14: Invitation to the 11th Annual North American ABC Meeting

The Office of Rare Diseases, National Institutes of Health, together with the Human Genetics Section, Laboratory of Experimental Immunology (part of the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Cancer Research) is announcing the 11th Annual North American ABC Meeting to be held at Frederick National Laboratory (FNL) in Frederick, Maryland.

It features presentations from graduate students, post-docs., and senior investigators studying the role of ATP Cassette Binding Proteins in human disease. Phylogenetic studies, model systems, and bioinformatic techniques that shed light in this rapidly developing research area are presented. Because student presentations predominate, unpublished results often are first disclosed at these workshops.

For more information please visit the meeting website.

13.05.13: International conference on the "Role of MDR proteins in pharmacokinetics and toxicology"

International conference on the "Role of MDR proteins in pharmacokinetics and toxicology" organized within the TESTOPLEK project will take place in the Zamek Ryn hotel in the Mazurian Lake area in Poland between September 3 and September 6, 2013. We invite especially researchers interested in multidrug resistance and ABC transporters. There is no registration fee and the organizers cover the cost of the stay of participants. Please register until May 31.

03.02.12: ABCMdb: Database for Mutattions in ABC proteins

The major way to learn about the mechanism of ABC transporters is designing and studying mutant constructs. Selecting the position and amino acid for mutagenetic experiments raises trivial questions, such as whether or not a particular position has been mutated by others, what type of amino acid has been used to replace the original amino acid, what the environment of that position is in the 3D structure.
To answer these questions, we set up ABCMdb that contains not only mutations described as disease causing alterations, but also mutations generated for functional studies.

1. Mutations are identified automatically from full text papers and stored in the database using our MutMiner framework (http://mutminer.hegelab.org)
We found by manual verification of our test set of ABCG2 papers that the pipeline provided 95% precision characterizing the ratio of the false positive hits. Out of 233 mutation mentions, 37 did not appear as hits of the MutMiner pipeline, leading to 84% recall of mutations characterizing the ratio of the false negative hits.

2. Alignments for comparative analysis of mutations
We generated alignments to identify mutations at similar positions as the mutation of interest in a given ABC protein. Since the references to publications describing mutations and the sentences with the mention of mutations are also stored in the database, it is effortless to read comprehensive information on mutations.

3. Mapping the mutations in 3D
Visualization of the position of amino acids of interest in 3D can advance experimental design. The database provides the possibility of visualization using available X-ray structures and homology models. By clicking on amino acids in the selected alignment you can toggle the colored display of the given amino acid in the selected structural model.

Best regards,
Tamas Hegedus

19.12.11: Postdoctoral Position available at University of Washington, USA

A position is available immediately for a postdoctoral scientist to study biochemical and biophysical properties of P‐glycoprotein. Studies will include expression and purification of P‐glycoprotein and its incorporation into lipid nanodiscs. Spectroscopic, kinetic, and thermodynamic characterization of the P‐gp/nanodisc particles will include a wide range of methodologies. Experience with P‐gp purification and with biophysical methods will be a significant advantage. The University of Washington is a large research institution in Seattle WA. The region provides many scientific and professional opportunities, and it is home to a thriving biotechnology and pharmaceutical community. In addition, recreational and cultural options are outstanding. Please send a curriculum vitae and three letters of reference to:

Professor William M. Atkins
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Washington

21.07.11: ABC2012, the 4th FEBS Special Meeting on ABC Proteins.

Dear colleagues,
The Organizers of ABC2012 cordially invite you to attend the ABC2012, the 4th FEBS Special Meeting on ABC Proteins. ABC2012 will take place in Innsbruck, Austria, from March 3 - 9, 2012.

More Information is available at the homemepage of WWW.FEBS-ABC2012.ORG.

09.03.10: Drug Resistance Workshop 2010, 12 May 2010 London, UK

For further information please download the PDF or contact ernesto.yague@imperial.ac.uk

09.03.10: Job offer at the Sharom laboratory.

A Job offer has been posted in the JOBS section (login required)

24.08.09: ABC2010, the 3rd FEBS Special Meeting on ABC Proteins.

Dear colleagues,
The Organizers of ABC2010 cordially invite you to attend the ABC2010, the 3rd FEBS Special Meeting on ABC Proteins. ABC2010 will take place in Innsbruck, Austria, from February 27 - March 5, 2010.

More Information is available at the homemepage of WWW.FEBS-ABC2010.ORG.

29.09.07: ABC2008, the 2nd FEBS Special Meeting on ABC Proteins.

Dear colleagues,
The Organizers of ABC2008 cordially invite you to attend the ABC2008, the 2nd FEBS Special Meeting on ABC Proteins. ABC2008 will take place in Innsbruck, Austria, from March 1-8, 2008.

The homepage for ABC2008 is now online, and the registration system for ABC2008 will open on October 1st. Please take a moment and visit the www.febs-abc2008.org website to gather further details on the exciting programme. The Deadline for registrations is Dec. 15th, 2007. UPDATE: Pictures from the Meeting are now available in the galleries section for registered members..

30.07.07: 1st International Conference: ABC Transport Proteins in Environmental Health and Toxicology, Certosa di Pontignano (Siena, Italy), 18-21 October 2007

Dear colleagues,
We would like to announce the first meeting devoted to environmental aspects of ABC transporters. The conference, ABC Transport Proteins in Environmental Health and Toxicology, will take place October 18-21, 2007 in Siena, Italy. The meeting will focus on questions regarding interactions of man-made environmental contaminants with ABC efflux pumps and will examine such questions as. What are the limits of the transporters in providing protection? Could chemosensitization or sabotage of the pumps ensue from these interactions? How widespread is the ability among pollutants to interfere with efflux pumps? Do pollutants cause changes in activity and expression of ABC proteins and can these changes be used as biomarkers in pollution monitoring? Should knowledge on pollutant-transporter interactions be incorporated into industrial practice, governmental policy and chemical regulation? More information can be found on the Meeting Website

22.03.07: Regular Registration Deadline for 32nd annual FEBS Congress approaching:

The National Organizing Committee of FEBS2007 cordially invites you to attend the 32nd Annual FEBS Congress, "Molecular Machines", which will be held in Vienna, Austria, from July 7-12, 2007. The regular REGISTRATION DEADLINE on March 31, 2007 is just TEN days ahead. March 31, 2007 is also the last possibility to apply for fellowships or bursaries to support participation of students, postdoctoral fellows and even principal investigators from less favored regions in Europe. Please go to the FEBS2007 website at www.febs2007.org to obtain detailed information on registration, abstract submission, accomodation, financial assistance, student fellowships/bursaries or travel to Vienna.

06.11.06: Registration online again

The problems with the Database Backend have been solved and registration is working again.

27.10.06: Registration offline

Due to problems with the Database Backend registration of new accounts is temporarily disabled.

07.06.06: Forgotten Passwords

A new feature for people who have forgotten their login data has been implemented. Just click onto forgotten password in the left menu to get your login data sent to you by e-mail.

24.05.06: Pictures from the ABC2006 Meeting online

Pictures from the FEBS Special Meeting ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) Proteins: From Multidrug Resistance to Genetic Diseases, which took place March 4-10, 2006, in Innsbruck, Austria are now available here on ABC-DB for registered users only. To access the pictures, log into ABC-DB and access the image gallery from the left Main Menu.

10.05.06: Gordon Research Conference on Membrane Transport Proteins

The upcoming Membrane Transport Proteins Gordon Research Conference will be held at the University of New England from August 13-18, 2006. The conference will focus broadly on the role of membrane transport proteins in physiology and pathophysiology. Here is a link to the website and the program for your further information: http://www.grc.org/programs/2006/memtrans.htm

15.09.05: ABC-DB and ABC2006 Meeting registrations are open

The ABC-DB is now open for registrations.

Registration for the FEBS Special Meeting:
ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) Proteins: From Multidrug Resistance to Genetic Diseases
is now also open at http://www.febs-abc2006.org/

22.08.05: Final testing

ABC-DB will open simultaneously with the ABC2006 Meeting registration in September 2005. More information will be available then.

07.06.05: First Version

A first version of the interface for this Database for testing purposes is now online. New registrations are still deactivated.